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27 janvier 2016

THE AUSTRALIAN FOOTBALLyenneAfficher l'image d'origineAfficher l'image d'origine

The Australian football alias footy or again Australain rules it is a community sport. Opponent 2 teams with 18 players in the oval stadium or cricket field. The objective is to put the ball in the adverse goal, more than the other team. The championship (Australian season) take place to March to September, during the Austral winter and assemble 18 teams of professional players.

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26 janvier 2016

The Great Bareer Reef (GBR)

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It is in east of Australia. At the coast of Queensland. It has more 2 900 reefs and 900 isles. The Great Bareer Reef can be saw to space.

It's an area 344 400 km², the most big of the world. There are over 2 million visitors .

Protected by "Heritage Trust", since 1981.

- What is coral ?

Coral it is a tiny animal.

They time needed of 1,000 years old to form a reef and a temperature must remain over 18°C with saline water for live.

Dangers for coral reefs are : Humans , tropicals storms, hurricanes, predators (The crown-of-thorn) , global climate change .

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21 janvier 2016



She's an actress and a producter australo-american. She was born in 20 june 1967 in Honolulu (Hawaï).Her ex-husband was Tom Cruise. Her  last wedding is in 2006 with Keith Urban. Nicole Kidman have 4 children, for the moment...  Also for the moment, she have 21 prizes. The some film of Nicole between 1999 to 2014 " moulin rouge, eyes wide shut, grace de Monaco, rabbit hole...

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She had a surgery (chirurgie) .

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     Before                           After

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An cute Australian animal :


the dingo .


 Dingo's differents quality: agitated, cooperatif, agile, distant, loyal. They be descended from "grey wolf". Dingos    measure  be  47 to 67 cm high and a weoght of 10 to 20 kg. They live in land's north. They not bark but sneeze when felt threat


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